Our Company

Committed to better software.

Our Beliefs

Rather than developing Vision/Mission statements that sound like every other company in the world and mean nothing to our customers and employees, we thought it would be better to tell you what we believe. These principles guide our decisions and govern what we apsire to be.

  • People are the focus of our business

    Sure, we are a company, but we know our business is based on the effort and trust of people. Technically our customers are also companies but inside those companies are people trusting that we will deliver what we promised. And those people trusted us as individuals, not as a company, to deliver. Further, people are dehumanized when they are viewed through the lens of a company and its policies. Over time this can lead to using the company as an excuse for treating people unfairly. How often have you heard “I know it’s unfair, but it’s company policy?”

    At evoleap, we remember at all times that people are the heart of our business. We will always treat our customers and employees fairly and we will not use the company as an excuse to treat them unfairly.

  • Great software is simple

    Great software is easy to use and does not get in your way. The best-selling apps are the ones that make it easy to do what you need to get done. The best web sites are the ones that make it easy for you to find what you need to find.

    At evoleap, we believe that software that is difficult to use is not good software.

  • Great software is efficient

    Making software simple is not good enough. Too much simplicity can lead to inefficiency. Remember the Microsoft Office Assistant, that little paperclip or playful puppy icon that tried to be helpful while you wrote a document in Microsoft Word? The Assistant tried to make the task of writing a document too simple – it provided help at such a basic level the “help” it ultimately provided was of no use, and you were better off writing the letter without its “help”.

    At evoleap, we endeavor to understand and find the balance between simplicity and efficiency. We know that people have jobs to do, and they choose our software to get that job done as quickly, simply, and efficiently as possible. As Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

  • Great software is beautiful

    The current state of the art in engineering software is not pretty, literally. Most applications look like they were designed in the 1990s, when “the human experience” was an afterthought. As long as the application produced correct numbers, it was good enough. Function over form was the prevailing design motto.

    At evoleap, we believe that engineers can have both function and form. Software can and should look great, in addition to being simple and efficient. We hold ourselves to the same standards as the mainstream software industries, such as smartphone apps and popular websites, because we know that our users appreciate well-designed, modern, beautiful software.

  • Form is as important as function

    Engineers are taught in college to choose function over form. Then most of them go to work in functional, industrial-looking, two-tone cubicles. It is no wonder that the engineering industry is riddled with functional, and quite frankly, ugly software.

    At evoleap, we know form is as important as function. From the design of our user interfaces, to our work place, to our documents and presentations, we value beauty and simplicity. This doesn’t simply mean pretty colors and cool animations, it also means thinking about the user experience, creating intuitive and efficient visualizations that enable efficient workflows.

  • Great products should succeed

    There are plenty of examples of products that failed despite being great, even if those products were better than the competition. There are also plenty of bad products that succeed because of great marketing and sales strategies.

    At evoleap, we first create great products and then focus on sales and marketing. We will never sell products with questionable value to our customers. While we value sales and marketing and its importance as a business function, we feel strongly that we need to be honest with our customers about our products and services and ensure we live up to our sales and marketing claims.

  • People should take pride in their work

    We often come across people for whom their job is just a means to make a living. They lack a sense of ownership, pride, and passion. They are either unaware of or indifferent to how their work contributes to the overall success of their team or company.

    At evoleap, we believe everyone should be passionate about what they do, no matter how challenging or menial the task. We work with a shared commitment to building great products that improve the life of our customers and with the awareness that every little task is as important as the other. We strive to do our work diligently and efficiently.

  • Everyone has good ideas

    How many times have you seen or attended meetings where only a handful of attendees participate while the others doodle or play with their phone? Teams often achieve less than their potential because of a few people who dominate the direction of the work and suppress the flow of good ideas. This often results in disenfranchisement and low morale.

    At evoleap, we are open and honest with each other. We are polite, yet do not mind getting into passionate debates. We don’t judge each other and we don’t mind challenging each other. Our customers are part of this process too. Ultimately, our customers know best if our products suit their needs.

Our Story

We are often asked why there is a lizard in our logo. The company was named after reading an article about how the yellow-bellied three-toed skink was going through an evolutionary leap; transitioning from egg laying to live birthing. That step change represents the same type of transformation we endeavor to achieve through our software products.


Our Team

  • Michael Zaldivar

    Michael Zaldivar, PhD

    Mike has worked in flow assurance and real-time flow assurance systems since he finished his PhD in 2002. In 2013, he represented BP as a flow assurance expert in federal court during the Quantification phase of the Macondo trial. In addition to flow assurance, Mike has a passion for software design and has led the development of several commercial software products. Mike has a keen eye for UI patterns and focuses on the user experience in evoleap’s software.

  • Prasanna Parthasarathy

    Prasanna Parthasarathy

    Prasanna has over fifteen years of experience in flow assurance and has a deep understanding of simulation models. In his career, Prasanna served in numerous technical functions, from modeling engineer to R&D manager, and has managed many large custom software projects. He enjoys working on software architecture and creating efficient algorithms. He manages the technology development at evoleap.

  • Trent Brown

    Trent Brown, PhD

    Trent is a wizard in thermodynamic modeling, multiphase hydraulics, and transient process modeling. In addition to being a powerhouse of technical knowledge, Trent has also co-founded and had successful exits from two businesses. Trent enjoys developing technical solutions that strike a perfect balance between accuracy and efficiency.

  • Yusif El-awawdeh

    Yusif El-awawdeh

    Yusif is our in-house UI/UX designer. With a degree from the American University of Dubai, and a lifetime of experiences overseas, he serves evoleap’s goal to provide intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable experiences for evoleap’s users. Yusif’s voracity for knowledge is put to daily use to bridge the gap between complex engineering tasks and intuitive human interaction.

  • Brett Stevens

    Brett Stevens

    Brett is a software developer with a passion for making simple and usable software. He has been working to hone this craft in the public sector since graduation, designing and architecting numerous solutions. Brett is excited to apply his software experience to the engineering industry.

  • Mike Martin

    Mike Martin

    Mike Martin is a veteran business development professional in the oil and gas industry. Mike enjoys building lasting relationships with customers and has a keen eye for identifying opportunities where technology solutions could help them. Mike is an avid golfer and an ardent Case Keenum fan.

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evoleap is always looking for exceptional people to join the team. Individuals that are not only hard-working and talented but also have passion and ownership for what they do. If you think that describes you let us know.

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