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evoleap offers flow assurance consulting and custom software development services. Our singular blend of experience in flow assurance from design through operations and software development, positions us uniquely to offer advanced flow assurance solutions as well as workflow automation software for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Our Capabilities

Flow Assurance

evoleap’s principals have a long history in flow assurance consulting and designing real-time flow assurance models that are used in day-to-day field operations. evoleap specializes particularly in dealing with unconventional flow assurance issues. A recent example of this is evoleap’s work in the Deepwater Horizon litigation where we estimated the flow rate out of the Macondo well by modeling slug flow through an oscillating riser.

Custom Software Development

evoleap’s software development team is entirely composed of engineers with a background in the upstream oil and gas industry. We are able to leverage this unique combination of software development skills and industry knowledge to develop cutting edge software that can help in automating workflows in the upstream engineering discipline.

Owner’s Engineer

evoleap's principals have managed many flow assurance, production management systems, and custom software development projects over the years and have held positions with financial accountability. evoleap can help you through an entire project lifecycle from writing functional requirement specifications, managing the tendering process, contracting, through testing, commissioning and handover of the work product.

Expert Witness

evoleap’s principal, Dr. Zaldivar, has 12 years of experience as an expert in flow assurance and multiphase flow. His experience testifying in federal court as an expert witness in the quantification phase of the Deepwater Horizon trial has given him understanding of what is required to be an expert witness. Dr. Zaldivar and the evoleap team are well prepared to represent a company in need of such expertise.

Our Experience

World Map

Over the last ten years, we have been involved in some of the most challenging projects around the world – the longest subsea multiphase pipeline, the longest subsea gas transportation pipeline, the deepest offshore production platform, and the biggest environmental lawsuit in history.

Specifically our experience includes:

Pipeline Modeling

Steady-state and transient modeling of multiphase pipelines using OLGA and LedaFlow on over 50 different fields worldwide

Process Modeling

High-fidelity transient modeling of offshore and onshore receiving and processing facilities using proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf modeling tools

Software Solutions

Custom software development including UI design, model design and development, testing, installation and commissioning on over 25 assets worldwide

Project Management

Technical and Project Management oversight on over fifty projects ranging in commercial value from half to over four million US Dollars

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