Evolving engineering with well-designed technology that fits your workflow.

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Modern software for the oil and gas industry

We are here to create a step change, an evolutionary leap, in engineering software. Ten years of working in the upstream oil and gas industry has exposed us to many engineering software applications. They all have one thing in common – they are unintuitive and poorly designed. We want to change that. We want to create software that is simple, efficient, and beautiful.


obot significantly improves the efficiency of the flow assurance simulation workflow allowing engineers to focus on flow assurance rather than managing simulations. Designed by flow assurance engineers for flow assurance engineers, obot maximizes license utilization and reduces the amount of money wasted on unused licenses.

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flotools covers the areas of the flow assurance workflow not covered by obot. It can function standalone, but can also integrate with obot. While obot lets you submit and monitor simulations, flotools helps you edit simulations inputs, create parametric studies, and analyze and report results.

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Tailored Solutions

We have a tremendous amount of experience in multiphase flow, flow assurance, and software development. Let us put it to use to solve your problems.

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